Saturday, December 16, 2017

10 End-of-Summer Must Dos

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by Michelle Sutton-Kerchner

  1. Fit in the “Last One.” You know what it is– a trip to the beach, hiking, lunch al fresco with a friend, a pool day, canoeing. We all wish for one more. Gift it to yourself. Squeeze in that last bit of summer fun. Like autumn’s leaves, responsibilities soon will be piling up at your door. Do this now while you can.
  2. Spark your fitness routine.
    Spark your fitness routine.

    Recharge Your Workout. Gear up for fall with a new fitness routine. The past few months, you may have counted lawn mowing and body surfing as your workout. It is time to get serious again. Reestablish your formal fitness routine, the one that tackles everything from your mood to your core.

  3. Get reevaluated by a Center nurse and trainer. The change of seasons is a great reminder to check on progress and update fitness goals. Routine monitoring provides motivation and assures effective workouts. Schedule your appointments now.
  4. Get Out. Enjoy nature as the days become milder during fall’s transition. This is the time to go hiking, tour local sites, and enjoy a healthy picnic. Visit with friends and family before the days become overwhelmed with obligations.
  5. Freeze a taste of summer.
    Freeze a taste of summer.

    Stay In. Pick a day to tackle house and yard work. Organize papers, drawers, and closets. Cut up fresh produce and freeze some. Summer’s flavors are at their peak. You will love enjoying them in the months to come. Jersey peaches in November? That’s a future Thanksgiving pie worth the splurge!

  6. Play. With kids and pets, or without. Allow yourself the simple pleasure of being playful. Bounce a ball. Dance in your living room. Hula hoop. Focus on the activity, and enjoy the respite as a child would.
  7. Try sun meditation. Meditation gurus suggest imagining your feet kissing the earth with every step of a walk, whether in nature or around the block. Put your face toward the sun and drink up the warmth and brightness (with sunscreen, of course). Imagine the sun is radiating a thousand happy kisses. Memorize the feeling for recall during snowstorms.
  8. Sample a blockbuster or bestseller. Summer brings a wealth of movies and novels. Check out one or two. You’ll have some pop culture to associate with the summer of 2015. It is also a great topic-changer when you tire of hearing about a coworker’s trip to the Islands.
  9. Schedule routine physician appointments. A predictable schedule allows you to make appointments more easily. Visit your general practitioner for an annual exam. Ask him/her what other check-ups you require based on age and health history.
  10. beach lingering, picLinger longer. Spend a little extra time on the deck tonight, give the garden some additional attention, stay a little longer at the pool, hold that stretch a few more moments. Slow it down. Observe. Breathe in summer 2015.




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