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7 Must-Dos This Summer

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With 10 weeks of summer ahead, planning can help make the season of vacations actually feel relaxing …

Celebrate summer! Here’s how the entire family can enjoy happier, healthier days:

  1. Create a summer wish list. Prioritize accordingly. Every day won’t be a picnic– and you wouldn’t want it to be. (Just say no to the cookout that will send your schedule over the edge!) However, every day can be touched with the spirit of the season.
  2. Determine which activities, events, and trips are most important to you and your family. List them in order and work to make them happen. Decline invitations that do not enhance how you envision time spent.
  3. Focus on water safety. If water play tops your to-do list with trips to the beach or pool, Family Swim time or swim lessons at the Center are beneficial. Make a safer splash when diving into summer fun. You may not have time for a trip to the shore, but the Center pool is conveniently in your neighborhood (without weather worries).

For those who have a fear of the water, summer can present overwhelming triggers. Swimming pools, boating invitations, beach trips, and even a fishing outing can cause stressful anxiety. Members often share how time spent in the Center’s pool helps them overcome their fear. With lifeguards and certified instructors readily available at all times, the pool is welcoming. Swim lessons (private and group) are available for adults and children of all ages.

Enhance summer fun. Train for it!
Enhance summer fun. Train for it!

There also are opportunities to simply become more familiar with the water through Group Fitness Aquatic classes. Check out Baby & Me programs for young children and parents. Some personal trainers are additionally certified so they are qualified to train in the water. If possible, take a few training sessions in the pool. You’re in capable hands.

  1. Enjoy a stronger summer. A trainer can customize a workout to your seasonal needs. If golf is your game, perfect your swing with Pilates workouts. Increase energy by boosting your cardio fitness. Sunset beach walks, evening softball games, backyard Frisbee– all your summer favorites can be enjoyed with greater stamina and ease. Build a body ready for action and protected from strain. Even the overloaded beach cart will be better managed. It’s the time of carrying coolers and pushing strollers. Train for it!
  2. Keep kids active. Avoid summer boredom (and parental stress) by having a routine for kids of all ages. Check out the Center FitKids programs, summer camps, and children’s community opportunities. The best organized activities keep kids thriving with a predictable schedule, caring supervision, and plenty of healthy, energy-burning fun.
Check out kid-friendly fun at the Center. Timeout for a workout!
Check out kid-friendly fun at the Center. You get a timeout for a workout!

The Center’s FitKids program helps kids remain active, as well as in shape for sports. There are opportunities in the Aquatics program as well. Children ages 14 and older are eligible for membership. And, of course, young ones are always welcome at the Center’s Childcare Room. Although these aren’t full-day solutions, they are an outlet for kids’ never-ending energy. Parents gain self-time with a good workout and a reprieve from the “I’m bored” motto adopted by school-free kids everywhere.


  1. Look for a one-stop destination for all your charges this summer. Find offerings diversified enough to accommodate a variety of interests and ages. Driving multiple kids to various camps, summer jobs, lessons, and practices is counterproductive. Any child-free time you’ve planned is usually squandered away behind the wheel. Time you think can be spent working, grocery shopping, or having a peaceful moment will burn away as quickly as your gas dollars.

Find a solution that works for your family and resolve childcare issues quickly. The sooner everyone can adjust, the sooner the fun can begin. Check at the Center’s Reception Desk for suggestions.

  1. Become a vacation guru. You do not need to spend a lot of time and money to gain the healthy benefits of a vacation. The main purpose is to part from the ordinary and revive from the stresses of daily life. You deserve a break. Be creative with the form it takes.
little boat, pic
Your quick getaway awaits.

Plan a quick daytrip. Take a long weekend. Enjoy quiet time at home for a few days — or hours! (Be disciplined enough to avoid phone calls, e-mails, and a “quick stop” at the office.) Enjoy greater physical and emotional health by making this time. Research proves vacations have long-lasting positive effects. Vacation time enhances the quality of your professional and personal life.

Time Is Precious

Before you realize it, you’ll be lamenting how quickly summer passed. Take steps now to create a memorable summer, one that carries you through the snow days of 2016.

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