Saturday , 23 May 2015

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Act in the (Imperfect) Moment

changing the word imperfect for perfect

Stop waiting for the perfect time. It's already here ... Read More »


Anxious man, pic

Everything from the twinge you feel as swimsuit season approaches to the panic of a nearing deadline can trigger our stress response. Use exercise to increase your resilience to everyday anxieties ... Read More »

Don’t Overdo It

Overtraining, pic

The upcoming months are filled with reasons to get fitter. Racing events, vacations, and swimsuits are just a few. Keep fitness efforts at a healthy pace. Avoid overtraining ... Read More »

Time for a Change

Time for change. Stopwatch on white background. Isolated 3D imag

Spring welcomes changes. Your workout should, too ... Read More »

Be Accountable

Men exercising outdoors

You are doing all the right exercises and eating the right foods. Why aren't you reaching your goals? Read More »