Friday , 29 April 2016

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Need a Little Motivation?

Dad-Daughter Plank, pic

If heart health and skinny jeans aren’t getting you on the Fitness Floor today, try some of these … Read More »

Spring Ahead?

Waking up, cropped pic

Recent weather has energized us with a taste of springtime. Then comes the time change. Hate losing that hour? Here’s how to deal … Read More »

When You Don’t Feel Like Exercising

When You Don't Feel Like Exercising

You’ve been at it since those new year resolutions, yet you still struggle with exercise. What happened to the feel-good hormones fitness is supposed to trigger …? Read More »

Get the Most from Strength Training

Friends Lifting Weights Together

Add a little oomph to your strength training routine. Here’s how … Read More »

Why We Overeat

Taking a bite

February can be a challenging month. A gust of comfort-food cravings seems to blow in with every snow squall. Discover why it feels so good to eat with abandon (despite a full stomach) … Read More »