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Reach Higher with a Stretching Routine

Sporty young woman stretching after jogging outdoors

by Michelle Sutton-Kerchner Accomplish fitness goals with less stress and more success. Stretch your way to better fitness … A balanced workout usually conjures up images of treadmills and climbers alongside dumbbells and weight equipment. Alternating between cardio routines and strength training provides balance. However, for a complete fitness program, it is essential to include a stretching routine. Flexibility Training Another term for “stretching,” flexibility training shows you are serious about fitness. This kind of stretching involves more than a few arm reaches while yawning to the sound of your alarm clock. A formalized stretching routine complements your workout and your every day functionality. It also can aid weight-loss efforts. (Now you’re paying attention!) Here’s how stretching is every smart exerciser’s secret weapon: Allows Efficient, Effective Movements Proper stretching improves range-of-motion in joints and loosens muscles. A good stretch segment segues the body and mind into the heart of your workout. It improves blood flow, which warms muscles and preps you physically. It also provides a natural pause to mentally prepare for the accomplishments you are about to make. It’s a chance to breathe out the day’s tensions and breathe in its freshness, clearing your thoughts for a mindful workout. ... Read More »

Everyday Motivation

Daily run, pic

As the summer heats up, your workout may take a little more mental effort. Stay motivated even when you break a sweat just walking to the mailbox … Read More »

Workout Buddies: More Than Members

Workout buddies, Michele & Kenna

Two friends who met through a board-game club went on to tackle fitness and lose weight. Grab a pal and be motivated by their journey … Read More »

Why Your Waist Won’t Budge

waist measurement, pic

You did the crunches. You mastered the plank. Yet, your waist refuses to whittle. New research tells what may be the culprit so you can fix it fast … Read More »

Why Competition Works

competitive runners, pic

Challenge yourself and discover your full ability to achieve … Read More »