Thursday , 19 January 2017

Feature Story

You Vowed to Lose Weight

Fat man exercising with dumbbells and looking at camera.

You know what needs to be done. Exercise more. Eat better (and perhaps less). Here’s how to do it better ... Read More »

Warm Up with a Workout!


About one-third of those who made new year's resolutions are expected to break them by the end of this month. Those fitness and wellness goals, which often top everyone’s goal list, become deeply buried under a wool blanket or sheet of ice ... Read More »

Seize Your Promising Future

Opportunity, rise and improvement concept

It’s a new year. Approach it with excitement. It is filled with promise. It is filled with a new chance to live up to your best potential … Read More »

Members Moving Mountains

extreme winter climbing

We can do incredible things. Once the power of motivation is sparked, we are unstoppable ... Read More »

Holidays Without Regrets


Soon, the holidays will be finished for another year. Some greet this knowledge with a sigh of relief. Enhance your enjoyment. Look back without regrets … Read More »