Saturday, September 23, 2017

Feature Story

Putting Your Heart into Exercise

Many who are committed to a healthy lifestyle experienced an epiphany along the way, propelling them toward this smarter way of living. For some, it’s a photo reflecting a reality that had, till then, gone unnoticed. Perhaps excessive weight gain, a tired expression, or lack of vibrancy. For others, the wake-up call is more serious. It’s a matter of life or death …

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Bells Will Be Ringing…

Kettlebells! Though not in the literal sense, the benefits of kettlebells sound off loud and clear. Proper use of this power-packed tool improves strength, endurance, agility, and balance. It also increases muscular and cardiovascular stamina through dynamic swinging motions …

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Laugh It Off

You feel an adult meltdown approaching, either your own or your mates. A quick trip to the Center isn’t feasible. How to deal? Try some laughter. Seriously. Laughter therapy is gaining credence as a solution to life’s daily stresses. It’s a great emotional release with a positive physical outcome. The brain cannot decipher between a forced hearty chuckle and a sincere fit of giggles. Next time you’re in a tense situation, or just going through your day on autopilot: stop, breathe, and laugh. It certainly can’t hurt. And, it’s one contagion that feels good to spread. Sources: YellowBrix, Hartford Courant, “Laughter Therapy Growing in Popularity as Way to Fight Stress.” Image credit:

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Exercise Your Way through the Holidays

Holidays are upon us. Often, our already hectic lives become more frayed when shopping, hosting, and attending social functions – all with a cheerful face—are added. Time and energy run out as quickly as the days left in the calendar year. The advice from health experts: Keep exercising …

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Reviving the Swimmer Within

What began as a quest for a healthier lifestyle led member Scott Carpenter to three National Swimming Championships and the World Masters Games. He won five medals at the latter, one of them gold. Rehabilitating his shoulders, quitting his cigarette habit, and resuming coaching happened along the way …

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