Saturday, February 24, 2018

Feature Story

The Fit Get Fitter with Pilates

Charged with energy, Group Fitness Instructor Christina’s exercise classes benefit from her charismatic personality and impressive fitness skills. Pilates is the spark that ignites this fitness powerhouse …

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Exersigning: Sign Language Defines Workout

In one Group Fitness class, instructions are presented loud and clear, even for the hearing impaired. Instructor Sari Levine interprets exercises for class members who are deaf by signing the moves …

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Exercise Physiology Meets Entertainment Tonight

Group Fitness provides a unique opportunity for exercising in a supportive environment with friends, new and old. Beyond the power of the flex, many classes at the Center deliver an added bonus: the power of knowledge ...

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Socialize Your Workout

With Ballroom Dancing, you can work up a sweat and a friendship while enjoying fitness fun. Its nature requires you to mingle with participants as you dance your way to better health …

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