Monday, December 18, 2017


Random Acts of Healthiness

It's a new year and everyone is hyped up on healthy behavior. The advice on how to eat healthier, get fitter, lose weight, and gain fortunes can overwhelm. Here's the secret you really need ...

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New Year, New Workout

Less than a week ago, you resolved to get in better shape in 2016. Perhaps there's the issue of being a little clueless. Don't let your best intentions lead nowhere fast ...

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People Power

There are many powerful things in this world. We often marvel at faster gadgets, the latest computer equipment, or a stronger engine. Welcome the new year by focusing on the amazing power we possess as human beings, all we can accomplish both for ourselves and others ...

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You’ve Got This!

It's Christmas week. Regardless of your beliefs and celebrations, everything is a little frenzied now as the year, and holiday gifts, get wrapped up. It's time for your shock-absorbing workout, the one that keeps you grounded among the chaos ...

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5 Musts for Healthier Holidays

Quick reminders, and some new tips, for a healthier approach on holiday splurges ...

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