Saturday, December 16, 2017


Fit for the Holidays

by Michelle Sutton-Kerchner Your timely reminder of the importance of exercise … Use this fitness motivation to soar through the season. It is a time of year when much gets in the way of your healthy habits. Often, we let it, with the excuses “It’s only once a year” and “I deserve a break.” A break from health is never needed. So, toss those excuses out with the broken holiday lights. Stay on track with these reminders of why today’s workout is more important than ever. Boost Your Immune System Regular exercise improves the body’s ability to fight off germs. This includes common colds and flu as well as infections and chronic illness. Studies have shown moderate-intensity exercise on a daily basis can significantly reduce the number of colds caught compared to inactive individuals. Exercise is believed to increase white blood cell count, which fights infections. You deserve a healthy holiday. Use your workout as a top defense against sniffles and sneezes. This time of year, you are surrounded in the malls, grocery stores, office, and at that party where Santa’s nose looked redder than usual. A half-hour workout may spare you from several congested days of functioning at minimal …

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Healthy Intentions, Unhealthy Results

As we approach year’s end, beware of healthy intentions gone bad ...

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Live Healthy with Purpose

by Michelle Sutton-Kerchner Pursue fitness with intention and reach your goals … Setting goals is an excellent way to achieve hopes and dreams. To make progress, experts recommend you journey toward goals with specific purpose. In doing so, you succeed at living with purpose—which beats going through life mindlessly hurdling chores and activities. Set your inner compass, and live according to your aspirations. You may find it easier to increase those reps, resist that pie, and nurture a bunch of other stuff that means tons to you. A Healthy Purpose When we prioritize our health, we succeed at obtaining true wellness. You can, and should, have other life intentions. However, cultivating a healthy lifestyle is the foundation that allows you to pursue other purposes in your life. Here are three scientifically proven ways to live with purpose. And since our purpose is to inspire you to improved health and fitness, we’re focusing here on the purpose of achieving your healthiest life. 1. Engage with Intention Studies show you can activate your brain to accomplish challenges with less effort. Focus on your core values. By doing this, you continuously remind yourself of the reasons for your action. When faced with short-term …

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Post-Feast Fitness

You’ve probably done some binge eating this week. And with the holidays, there’s the threat of more to come. It’s okay. There is a healthy life after mashed potatoes and pie …

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Type 2 Diabetes, the Unsweetened Facts

This unfortunately common disease is highly preventable. Take steps now to avoid being at risk …

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