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Manage Life’s Balancing Act

Manage Life’s Balancing Act

Exercise improves balance, and not just your ability to remain upright in less-than-sturdy situations. A workout helps balance those tasks you manage all day long ... Read More »

Learn to Adapt

winds of change, pic

Let's talk flexibility, and not the pretzel-pose yoga position kind. Being mentally flexible allows us to better adapt to our every day evolving world. And that even trumps toe-touching ... Read More »

Instant Motivation

exercise ball, pic

Need motivation to squeeze in today's workout? Put aside long-term gains. Focus on exercise's immediate perks... Read More »

The Latest on Heart Health

tomato heart, pic

Do you know your long-term risk for heart attack or stroke? Find out and act accordingly ... Read More »

Joint Health

Joint Health

Cold weather often brings joints to our attention. Even healthy joints more easily become stiff and sore. Think of the rigid posture with which we greet the winter wind. Keep them strong, even when it's bone chilling outdoors ... Read More »

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