Friday, February 23, 2018


Do You Hinder or Help?

You perfected your healthy lifestyle. You exercise, eat well, make time to relax. Some days you actually meditate--while using aromatherapy! (Okay, maybe not.) Soaring from the good life, your mission is to convince others of healthier choices. But, did they ask for your advice ...

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Build Your Bones

We often work to build muscle. It's time to focus on those bones! Without them, where would the muscle be ...

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Pain Relief

Eat to combat inflammation. Here's how ...

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The Sweat Factor

Perspiring is a nuisance. Here are the cool(ing) facts of how and why sweat happens. You'll be ready to burn off those calories ...

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Feeling Better

As spring approaches, we anticipate the next phase. Use fitness to prepare you, not only for shorts and tanks but for inner wellness. New beginnings are only sunrises away ...

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