Tuesday, September 26, 2017


Train to Endure More

Whether it's your first competitive run or the esteemed Ironman, appropriate training is essential for success. Trainer John Lancaster shows how to launch into the world of endurance athletics, which for some is just the average hectic day ...

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The Skinny on Weight Gain

Not everyone wants to lose weight. (Yes, you read that correctly.) The majority find this unbelievable, thanks to unrealistic media portrayals at every glance. However, some skinny souls want nothing more than to put on the pounds ...

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Exercise: A Bright Idea

Flatter abs, tighter tush, stronger heart, better mental attitude. These perks are typically associated with exercise. Add another-- Improved vision. Let's clarify ...

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Dealing with Chronic Pain: Working Out When You Hurt

Whether you own a bum knee or earned an injury while raking leaves, the results are the same. Days spent stiff, sore, and waiting for the next dose of ibuprofen. Nights spent tossing around, trying to get comfortable. Should you exercise or wait until this flare-up calms down ...

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Winterize Your Workout

Take simple steps now to keep you on track for your fittest winter ever ...

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