Friday, February 23, 2018


Play It Safe

Unintentional injury is a leading cause of death among children. By following some fitness smarts, kids can be safely active—even without that bubble you’ve been building for them …

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Forget the Scale

With weight loss the journey should be your goal, not the destination. Focus on a healthier life, and a healthier weight often follows …

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No Body Is Perfect

Is your personality limiting your health? Perfectionists beware …

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Exercise Control of Your Allergies

Just when you’ve escaped the grip of cold and flu, you stumble into hay-fever season. Although you can’t exercise away your allergies, a regular workout helps manage symptoms …

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Spring Ahead Toward Fitness Goals

After the winter we experienced, everyone wants to get outdoors. Even the most unlikely want to join a sport or become a runner, walker, lifeguard, crossing-guard. Anything to come alive with the signs of spring. Your mind is ready for bright, warm days. Now, prepare your body…

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