Wednesday, November 22, 2017


Pre-hab: Fitness before Surgery

Over 50 million Americans undergo surgery each year. Fifty percent of the outcome depends on the surgeon’s skills. The other 50 percent – you determine …

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Applying Life Strategies to Weight Loss

Sometimes we have to shift our expectations. Life is messy. It can interfere with the best made plans. Author and member Nancy Kennedy shares how she applied the rollercoaster of her typical day to accomplish weight-loss success …

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Work Out Sinus Pressure

This time of year, you may find your nose running more than a marathon trainer on the treadmill. Put aside the tissues and follow these tips for relieving sinus congestion …

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Go Confidently Forth in Pursuit of Fitness

You’ve committed yourself to a healthier lifestyle for 2011. Perhaps you recently received the gift of Center membership. Maybe you’re determined to be more active. Eliminate start-up (or re-start-up) apprehension. Follow these tips to assure you are user-friendly on the fitness scene …

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Resolve to Achieve in 2011

It’s here! A New Year, full of opportunities and wonder. Make 2011 a year of self-celebration. Your healthiest life lies ahead. Awaken it. Live it…

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