Wednesday, November 22, 2017


Meditation for the Most Cluttered Mind

Think you got a comprehensive workout? Here’s one key area for total fitness that you probably overlooked …

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The Power to Heal: Exercise Therapy to Combat Cancer

Evidence proves those suffering from cancer could benefit by including exercise in their treatment program. Studies continue to show the advantages of physical activity while battling this disease. Historically, exercise was not considered a typical survival mechanism against cancer. However, recent successes prove it could be a lifesaver in many ways …

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Go for the Goals!

Believe it or not, 2010 is almost half history. Time for a check-up on those New Year’s resolutions. Under the dreamy twinkle of holiday lights, with mood bright from family and friends, the resolve to accomplish goals was cemented. It’s time to be accountable. Where are you in your journey to fitness achievements? Let’s re-evaluate. See what’s working, what’s not, and learn how to reignite that New Year spark (even if it was champagne induced) ….

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Staying Safe in a Season that Celebrates Water

Has your heart ever skipped a beat when a little daredevil fearlessly leaped into a swimming pool? Perhaps you’re sitting at the ocean’s edge when you realize your teen has ventured too far in the surf. Or, maybe you share similar worries but for yourself, a lifelong doggy-paddler at best. Relieve these anxieties with some basic swimming smarts …

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Healthy Competition Scores Big

Members are gaining big time motivation in the Fitness & Wellness Biggest Center Loser competition. With exciting incentives to go beyond their tried-and-true fitness routines, participants are reminded of the Center’s holistic approach to wellness. Discover their inspiration and share in it …

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