Thursday, October 19, 2017


Exercise for Your Brain: Reduce the Alzheimer’s Factor

Alzheimer’s disease is one of the biggest fears associated with aging. In addition to typically diminished physical capacity, one suffers debilitating mental and emotional consequences. Being rendered completely dependent on others is dreaded by anyone approaching senior status, which is exactly how this disease presents itself. With exercise, you get a “twofer”—improved physical health and reduced risk for Alzheimer’s …

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Surfacing from an Eating Disorder: One Member’s Journey to Self-Acceptance

Although modern Barbie is packaged as a can-do-anything career doll, her perfectly proportioned bombshell image still shouts the same message: Success, adoration, and physical beauty are codependent. Just one example of many, media today continues to emphasize outer beauty. And we continue to hunger for it, sometimes in the most literal (and dangerous) sense …

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Change of Life? Change Your Life with Exercise.

Last week, we focused on the positive impact exercise has during middle age and later in life. However, exercising today is not only an investment in one’s future. All who exercise recognize fitness’ more immediate health benefits. For women, these may include a less stressful menopause ...

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Exercise: A Priceless Investment in Your Future

Since childhood, we’re taught to save for a rainy day. This nest-egg mentality evolves throughout life. We save for a first home, children’s college educations, and our own retirement. If done properly, later days may hold the option of dwelling in a lovely vacation home year-round. Invest in your body with exercise and the results can be similar. Take steps to assure the physical self in which you reside is always a top-notch resort …

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Winter Blues Busters

The post-holiday season blahs hit us like a snowball in the face. Eager trips to the mailbox to retrieve greeting cards and packages become dreaded treks to acquire statements attesting to our gift-giving debt. The sound of popping corks from champagne echoes in our memories (or is that just sinus congestion?) as we click open childproof cough syrups. Visits from family and friends are replaced with a visit from the doldrums. Try these tips for busting the winter blues …

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