Tuesday, January 23, 2018


Exercise: A Priceless Investment in Your Future

Since childhood, we’re taught to save for a rainy day. This nest-egg mentality evolves throughout life. We save for a first home, children’s college educations, and our own retirement. If done properly, later days may hold the option of dwelling in a lovely vacation home year-round. Invest in your body with exercise and the results can be similar. Take steps to assure the physical self in which you reside is always a top-notch resort …

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Winter Blues Busters

The post-holiday season blahs hit us like a snowball in the face. Eager trips to the mailbox to retrieve greeting cards and packages become dreaded treks to acquire statements attesting to our gift-giving debt. The sound of popping corks from champagne echoes in our memories (or is that just sinus congestion?) as we click open childproof cough syrups. Visits from family and friends are replaced with a visit from the doldrums. Try these tips for busting the winter blues …

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Sing Your Heart Healthy

Yoga practitioners and meditation gurus have long documented the benefits of chants and mantras. Now, scientific research has proven such sound vibrations have physiological benefits for the heart. Vocal recitation can regulate breathing and heart rates ...

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Coming Down from 600 Pounds

Member William Heard shares insight on a life of obesity and the challenges he is overcoming in his quest for healthy weight. If you’re feeling sluggish or overwhelmed to drop pounds you resolved to lose in 2010, consider this big inspiration …

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Go Easy on Yourself

Among your list of New Year resolutions, don’t forget to add a critical goal. Attempt to be content …

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