Tuesday, January 23, 2018


Start Fresh

Happy 2010! We’re welcoming the New Year at the Center with exciting new elements and proven favorites. Pioneer your way through a healthier, happier year with the Center as your compass …

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Putting Your Heart into Exercise

Many who are committed to a healthy lifestyle experienced an epiphany along the way, propelling them toward this smarter way of living. For some, it’s a photo reflecting a reality that had, till then, gone unnoticed. Perhaps excessive weight gain, a tired expression, or lack of vibrancy. For others, the wake-up call is more serious. It’s a matter of life or death …

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Laugh It Off

You feel an adult meltdown approaching, either your own or your mates. A quick trip to the Center isn’t feasible. How to deal? Try some laughter. Seriously. Laughter therapy is gaining credence as a solution to life’s daily stresses. It’s a great emotional release with a positive physical outcome. The brain cannot decipher between a forced hearty chuckle and a sincere fit of giggles. Next time you’re in a tense situation, or just going through your day on autopilot: stop, breathe, and laugh. It certainly can’t hurt. And, it’s one contagion that feels good to spread. Sources: YellowBrix, Hartford Courant, “Laughter Therapy Growing in Popularity as Way to Fight Stress.” Image credit: www.flickr.com/photos/nicasaurusrex

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Exercise Your Way through the Holidays

Holidays are upon us. Often, our already hectic lives become more frayed when shopping, hosting, and attending social functions – all with a cheerful face—are added. Time and energy run out as quickly as the days left in the calendar year. The advice from health experts: Keep exercising …

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Exercise Your Way to Happiness (even when it’s dark at dinnertime)

Feeling uninspired? Stressed by the upcoming holidays, where overcrowded stores and over-budgeted gifts loom large? Maybe you’re even depressed. It’s that time of year when short days and changing seasons often trigger feelings of sadness. Lift low spirits with a workout that improves your body and mood …

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