Sunday, January 21, 2018


Add These Top Resolutions to Your List

Who doesn’t love a new beginning. The question is, what are you doing with yours? We have some suggestions …

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Real-People Superpowers: More Goodness

Be inspired to greater heights with more stories to launch you. Strengthen your inner-hero …

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Real-People Superpowers

As the year closes, focus on your accomplishments. There are likely unmet goal and resolutions from 2017. Reevaluate their importance. (They were unmet for a reason.) Now, move forward powered by your successes and those of your fitness community ...

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Healthy Intentions, Unhealthy Results

As we approach year’s end, beware of healthy intentions gone bad ...

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Post-Feast Fitness

You’ve probably done some binge eating this week. And with the holidays, there’s the threat of more to come. It’s okay. There is a healthy life after mashed potatoes and pie …

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