Friday , 29 July 2016


Post-Workout Behavior, Why It Matters

Post-Workout stretches at home

Do wonders for your workout. Follow these after-exercise tips … Read More »

Why Your Waist Won’t Budge

waist measurement, pic

You did the crunches. You mastered the plank. Yet, your waist refuses to whittle. New research tells what may be the culprit so you can fix it fast … Read More »

Habits for Weight Loss

Measuring tape, journal, veg, pic

Add these weight-loss strategies throughout your day. You’ll be motivated to make them a habit … Read More »

Why Wait for Your Best Health?

timeforchange, GS

Health issues and obesity don’t happen overnight. Don’t wait for extremes. An ounce of healthy living is worth a pound of cure … Read More »

Don’t Overdo It

Injured runner, pic

As marathon (and swimsuit) season approaches, many are burning up the Fitness Floor in a race to reach goals. Remember, too much of a good thing can include exercise … Read More »