Tuesday, January 23, 2018


How to Lose a Little Weight

Losing a little excess weight goes a long way toward improved health. Drop an easy 10 pounds. Go!

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Post-Vacation Weight Gain

Summer isn’t often associated with weight gain. But, it happens, especially after that last vacation. Deal with it now …

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Fire Up Your Workout

August is National Coffee Month. Discover the perks of this percolated cup …

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Keep It Glowing

by Michelle Sutton-Kerchner Summer is quickly fading. Wrap it up on a healthy note with these takeaways … It isn’t over yet. Before you turn thoughts and energy to autumn, use this season’s closure to inspire some health initiatives. When September arrives, you’ll be glad you did. Kick It Up Add an extra workout to the last weeks of August. Dedicate an hour each week to experimenting with various fitness methods. Try a new class, use different equipment, or get in the Center pool. Ask a trainer for suggestions. S/he can spark excitement and provide support as you try new exercises. If your summer schedule interfered with your fitness routine, now is the time to get back on track. By returning to a formal fitness schedule, it will be easier to remain committed as life’s pace increases in the fall. Member Radhika wished she started sooner, as do most after feeling the positive effects of fitness. Through working with her personal trainer, she learned fitness can be a fun experience rather than something dreadful. Thanks to a sustainable workout, she lost 20 pounds and feels stronger, fitter, and slimmer than ever. Why procrastinate feeling fabulous! Go into fall with a …

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Smart Tips for Healthy Travel

When traveling, don’t take a vacation from healthy habits. Pack these ideas to stay committed to your healthy lifestyle—even when you’re escaping from drudgeries of life …

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