Saturday, April 29, 2017


Are You Well?

We're a society striving for optimal fitness and wellness. Yet, how do we define wellness? Don't let a lack of understanding block your path to attainment ...

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Exercising with Celiac Disease

The reasons to exercise and eat well are bountiful. Although many follow special diets to lose weight, for some it's a matter of life or death. Such is the case for those enduring celiac disease ...

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Cholesterol: Don’t Fear It, Face It

For many, fitness focus isn't the number on the bathroom scale. High blood cholesterol is the worry. Its ability to climb quietly, without any telltale shift in waistline, makes it easy to ignore and fear ...

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Grumpy? It Could Be Your Diet

You are what you eat. Not to be interpreted as eat a bag of gumdrops and sweeten your personality. What you eat, and don't eat, affects how you feel. Starve no more for a happy mood ...

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When Cravings Get the Best of You

It happens to everyone. Homemade pies, decadent chocolate baked goods, buttery salted popcorn. They're out there. Ready and waiting. Everyone falls victim sometimes, even the Center's training team. Here's what to do ...

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