Thursday, June 22, 2017


What to Eat (and Avoid) for a Healthier Fall

Discover the secret to controlling your appetite when apple pie becomes a fall obsession ...

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Do Your Genes Fit?

Termed "the fat gene," research continues to prove it exists. However, it does not necessarily determine the fate of your weight. Empower yourself, even when the odds seem to weigh heavily against you ...

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Achieve Your Summer Body Yet?

Slowly but surely, the days are growing shorter. Where are you with your summer weight-loss goals? Did you fit back into last year's swimsuit yet? The clock is ticking ...

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Own the Body You Deserve

There are many motivators to exercise. Yet, there’s an essential element for adherence to any fitness program. Make it yours …

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Are You Well?

We're a society striving for optimal fitness and wellness. Yet, how do we define wellness? Don't let a lack of understanding block your path to attainment ...

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