Tuesday, January 23, 2018


Summer– Get Back Here!

As schools reopen, pools close, and fall sports kick off, summer seems to fade as quickly as a tropical tan. Don't pack your sandals yet, the calendar promises us a couple more weeks of summer ...

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Surprising Perks of a Healthy Weight

Your target weight looks and feels great. The health benefits are many and growing. Here are additional motivators, just recently discovered, to hit your ideal weight and stay there ...

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Stay Hydrated Despite the Heat

"See you later!" is often followed by "Stay hydrated!" on these 100-degree days. With summer's baking temperatures, cool yourself from the inside out ...

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Be a Healthy Caregiver

Managing a career and dependent relatives, young and old, leaves little nurturing for the caregiver-of-all. Learn ways to care for yourself so you can continue to take care of others ...

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Summer’s Sneaky Weight Gain

Although winter is typically associated with weight gain, summer has its own opportunities to put on the pounds. Here’s to effective workouts, nutritious eating, and some cheat days …

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