Thursday, June 22, 2017


More Power to You

Energize your fitness efforts. Fuel your workout with nutrients that build muscle, combat fatigue, and may even help shed some pounds ...

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Hungry for Comfort?

In Part 2 of our series on transforming stress, we focus on mindful eating. Stress can trigger unhealthy responses. For some, it’s a one-way trip to the kitchen for a junk fest. When a craving for stress-snacking strikes, try these solutions …

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Rise, Eat & Shine

You wouldn’t expect your car to run without gas. Don’t expect your body to run without breakfast. It’s essential for keeping you fueled and focused beyond just the morning rush. And, it’s also a key factor in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight …

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What’s Cooking for 2010’s Dietary Guidelines

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is in the process of finalizing their 2010 dietary guidelines. Here’s what you can expect …

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The Cookout Makeover

Summer has a way of making us crave light meals, fresh fruit, and crisp veggies. Take advantage of nature’s bounty and enjoy a plateful of the season’s best. Before you unearth that red checkered tablecloth, avoid these picnic pitfalls …

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