Saturday, February 24, 2018


Be a Healthy Caregiver

Managing a career and dependent relatives, young and old, leaves little nurturing for the caregiver-of-all. Learn ways to care for yourself so you can continue to take care of others ...

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Summer’s Sneaky Weight Gain

Although winter is typically associated with weight gain, summer has its own opportunities to put on the pounds. Here’s to effective workouts, nutritious eating, and some cheat days …

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The Clock Is Ticking

Your Big Day is approaching quickly. It might be a wedding, graduation, or dreamy visit to the beach. Or, you may simply want to fit into last year’s swimsuit. (We all know the dread of shopping for a new one!) Bust that rut and get rid of your gut …

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Thrive with ADHD

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) might sound like a Type A personality on steroids who is always eager for a workout. Someone who multitasks like crazy, with excessive energy and impulsive behavior. In reality, symptoms often sabotage fitness efforts. Discover strategies—and foods—to help overcome ADHD challenges …

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Your Questions, Answered

Being part of a fitness community reinforces a sense of solidarity in obtaining your healthiest life. Strengths, weaknesses, insecurities, curiosities —we come to recognize them as shared. We aren’t alone. With this validation, we have the courage to travel in new directions, reach beyond expectations, and pose a few questions ...

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