Thursday, June 22, 2017


Your End-of-Summer Checklist

Before summer slips away, be sure you check these off your (sand) bucket list …

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Life After Vacation

The sun has set on your vacation. Perhaps this is the only one for another year. Returning to your routine can feel tiresome. Returning to your workout may feel downright daunting. Here’s what to do …

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Post-Workout Behavior, Why It Matters

Do wonders for your workout. Follow these after-exercise tips …

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Why Your Waist Won’t Budge

You did the crunches. You mastered the plank. Yet, your waist refuses to whittle. New research tells what may be the culprit so you can fix it fast …

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Habits for Weight Loss

Add these weight-loss strategies throughout your day. You’ll be motivated to make them a habit …

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