Tuesday , 30 June 2015


A Diet without Food Focus

Hamburger May Be Delicious - Isolated

It is not always what you eat but how you eat it that helps achieve weight loss goals ... Read More »

Get Body Positive!

Two happy women

In your quest to look and feel great this summer, it is not always about acquiring the best swimsuit or perfectly sculpted biceps ... Read More »

7 Must-Dos This Summer

Must-Dos This Summer

With 10 weeks of summer ahead, planning can help make the season of vacations actually feel relaxing ... Read More »

How Should You Strength Train?

deadlift, pic

Variety is essential to fitness success. Maximize your workout. Know the best time for free weights and when to use exercise machines ... Read More »

Soothe Sore Muscles

gardening, pic

It's the time of year for baseball, landscaping, home repairs-- and strained muscles from all of this sudden use. Sometimes that wrenching moment is unavoidable. When activity comes to a halt as you wince in pain, here's your next (gentle) move ... Read More »