Friday , 1 July 2016


Why Your Waist Won’t Budge

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You did the crunches. You mastered the plank. Yet, your waist refuses to whittle. New research tells what may be the culprit so you can fix it fast … Read More »

Why Competition Works

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Challenge yourself and discover your full ability to achieve … Read More »

Launch a Healthy (Realistic) Summer


by Michelle Sutton-Kerchner The time of year for fun and relaxation has arrived. Be energized to make the most of it … Summer promises nice weather, vacation days, and casual gatherings on the patio with friends and family. We approach this new season with an expanse of calendar days ahead of us, ready to be filled with good times, tank shirts, and radiant sunshine everywhere. Before the final school bell rings or office summer hours begin, prepare yourself. Life is not a postcard. Accept Yourself If you dug into your summer clothes anxious to see a year’s worth of workout results revealed, realize a snug zipper or two is not a sign of failure. We often expect too much, too fast from ourselves, especially regarding fitness efforts. Accept that your beach body is a work in progress, which is great since you reside in the same body all year. Do not spend a single sunny day lamenting the smaller size you hoped to accomplish. Do another round of personal training sessions and try again. Fitness is part of a healthy lifestyle, which goes beyond sculpted biceps and unrealistic body imagery. Focus more on the health benefits gained than the weight ... Read More »

Stay Cool

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As summer’s heat approaches, follow these safety tips to protect your heart … Read More »

How Fit Are Your Feelings?

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Want to get your mood into better shape? Try 30 minutes of exercise … Read More »