Sunday, November 19, 2017


Which Comes First, Weights or Cardio?

Does the order of your fitness routine matter? Find out …

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Tricks for Surviving Treat Season

Here are Halloween’s best tricks to curb cravings for treats …

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Combating Unwanted Weight Gain

Have your weight loss efforts led to an increase in body weight? Don’t let this happen to you ...

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Overcoming a Lifelong Struggle: One Member’s Story

Member Harini is losing weight, controlling diabetes and cholesterol, and improving her overall health. The added challenge—her lifelong struggle to walk.

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Everyday Heroes

Heroes often conjure images of bodybuilders dressed in a variety of service uniforms. Lifting weights and running the treadmill provides a hero’s physique. But, there’s more to heroism than being faster than a speeding bullet …

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