Saturday, September 23, 2017


Spring Clean Your Workout

Fitness experts emphasize the benefits of continuously evolving your exercise programs. Repetitive routines can limit your results, not to mention bore you to less healthy pastimes, like watching TV while mindlessly feasting on a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. Be ready for warmer days, filled with gardening, swimming, and catching the waves. Refresh your workouts with the backdrop of spring’s new promises …

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Getting MP3 Players to Workout: Exercising with Your Music

Music has been inspiring throughout human history. A favorite song certainly can get you moving. How and why this audio magic works remains a mystery. It does, indeed, and now it’s easier than ever to enjoy it on-the-go. Here are some tips to help the tech-challenged get the most from a portable listening device …

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Surfacing from an Eating Disorder: One Member’s Journey to Self-Acceptance

Although modern Barbie is packaged as a can-do-anything career doll, her perfectly proportioned bombshell image still shouts the same message: Success, adoration, and physical beauty are codependent. Just one example of many, media today continues to emphasize outer beauty. And we continue to hunger for it, sometimes in the most literal (and dangerous) sense …

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Don’t Just Feel the Burn

Notice “the burn” as well—with efficient fitness results. Many experts believe interval training is the solution to what is often a weight-loss riddle. Discover how this exercise method can drop the pounds quicker for you …

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Change of Life? Change Your Life with Exercise.

Last week, we focused on the positive impact exercise has during middle age and later in life. However, exercising today is not only an investment in one’s future. All who exercise recognize fitness’ more immediate health benefits. For women, these may include a less stressful menopause ...

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