Tuesday, January 23, 2018


Go the Extra Mile

You’re in a routine. You’re in your groove. You’re on your way to goals. Bam! You sprained your ankle. You gained five pounds. How do you react? Go the extra mile and make it work. When life’s inconveniences (like a pulled muscle or stuck scale) threaten your commitment to wellness, here are some suggestions for operation “mind-over-matter” ...

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When Back Pain Strikes a Nerve

“Ohh, my sciatica!” No other nerve is so popular in discussions, and is usually punctuated with sighs, winces, and the occasional expletive. A gentle workout can help relieve back-breaking pain from the sciatica nerve. Before you pop your next anti-inflammatory, consider alternate pain-reducers …

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One exerSize Does Not Fit All

Everyone has unique fitness goals and health objectives. Beyond that, exercisers need to recognize their distinctive body-type and create workouts accordingly …

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Don’t Sit in an Empty Nest

As your grown children embark on new adventures, so should you. Take advantage of this milestone to evolve and become healthier. Consider these tips for adjusting to this new life. “Someday” has arrived. It’s time to “get around to it.” Get that old to-do list and start accomplishing new goals …

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Care for Fibromyalgia with Exercise

Everyone has occasional aches and pains, some intense and lingering. Fibromyalgia is a lifetime with these symptoms. It’s like suffering the effects of injuries that never heal. Exercise can make living with this chronic condition tolerable …

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