Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Taking the First Step

In January 2009, member Kirby Ketrow began a weight-reduction plan he assumed would be short lived. One year later, 106 pounds lighter, and much healthier, Kirby continues what he considers the “process” of living a better life …

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Behind the Scenes of Broadway

Many often dream of stardom. The excitement of the spotlight, an adoring audience, and public idolization sounds lustfully glamorous. Center member Christine Danelson, of the touring cast for Broadway’s hit Hairspray, shares the role fitness plays in the life of a star …

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Coming Down from 600 Pounds

Member William Heard shares insight on a life of obesity and the challenges he is overcoming in his quest for healthy weight. If you’re feeling sluggish or overwhelmed to drop pounds you resolved to lose in 2010, consider this big inspiration …

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Try Something New! More Ideas.

With or without boxing gloves, here are tips for adding a fresh punch to your workout. This article is Part 2 of 2 where Center fitness experts share ideas on how to add excitement to your tried-and-true exercise program ...

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Start Fresh

Happy 2010! We’re welcoming the New Year at the Center with exciting new elements and proven favorites. Pioneer your way through a healthier, happier year with the Center as your compass …

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