Tuesday, January 23, 2018


Fitness Tips to Improve Your Cholesterol

Research assures us that exercise is an excellent method for lowering cholesterol. Member success continues to further prove this fact. A good workout can charge a sluggish body-- noticeably by increasing energy and behind-the-scenes by improving blood fat levels and cardio functioning. Learn how and which exercises build the best beating heart …

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Capture that Runner’s High with Competitive Racing

With warmer temperatures and sunny days, runners are quick to hit the road. Perhaps you are one of this dedicated group, or wish to be. They’re an admirable bunch, whether slim and fast or trotting along like a horse resisting inevitable days in the pasture. Cars whizz by them with passengers straining behind seatbelts, visions of their sneakers and sweats racing through their heads. Seize the moment (and a stop watch). Now is the time to become a runner …

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Dos & Don’ts of Pre-Workout Snacking and the Season’s Farm-Fresh Picks

It’s common knowledge that drinking water prior to a workout is essential. The same is not necessarily true of consuming food. Although you shouldn’t head to the Center with a growling stomach, pre-workout snacking is not required. Scoop up these tips on when and what to eat for your best workout and overall health …

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Your Workout Is Worth Doing Well

Most of us are squeezing fitness into our lives among countless meetings, family obligations, deadlines, and some occasional sleep. Upon arrival at the Center, we’re anxious to get to the heart of our workouts. Warm-ups and cool-downs may seem like time-wasters. Perhaps you’re guilty of rushing through, or skipping them all together. Reconsider this approach. Improperly tossing exercise into a hectic-paced day detracts from fitness goals, and could even lead to injury …

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Breathe Easy: You Can Exercise with Asthma & Allergies

Ahhh, fresh spring air. Sounds delightful. However, to some, the first sniff of spring signals the start of sneeze-and-wheeze season. Allergy-induced asthma is the most common type in the United States. With everything in bloom, asthma suffers must take precautions. And, those with seasonal allergies are anxious for invigorating ways to clear their heads. Here are tips for an exercise program that won’t leave you breathless …

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