Tuesday, January 23, 2018


Change of Life? Change Your Life with Exercise.

Last week, we focused on the positive impact exercise has during middle age and later in life. However, exercising today is not only an investment in one’s future. All who exercise recognize fitness’ more immediate health benefits. For women, these may include a less stressful menopause ...

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Exercise: A Priceless Investment in Your Future

Since childhood, we’re taught to save for a rainy day. This nest-egg mentality evolves throughout life. We save for a first home, children’s college educations, and our own retirement. If done properly, later days may hold the option of dwelling in a lovely vacation home year-round. Invest in your body with exercise and the results can be similar. Take steps to assure the physical self in which you reside is always a top-notch resort …

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Strong Growing Bodies: Fitness Training for Kids

As a Center member, you recognize the importance of fitness in living your best life. For those who are parents, you want to extend that philosophy to your children. You strive to provide for all their needs—from routine physical exams, to quality education, to entertainment with a social life that’s abuzz at your home. Don’t forget kids’ basic need for exercise, including a little time with the barbells …

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Out with the Old, In with the New

Just as celebrity performers must constantly reinvent themselves to maintain status, so must the Center’s equipment evolve. The Equipment Replacement Program helps keep the Exercise Floor performing at its peak …

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Taking the First Step

In January 2009, member Kirby Ketrow began a weight-reduction plan he assumed would be short lived. One year later, 106 pounds lighter, and much healthier, Kirby continues what he considers the “process” of living a better life …

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