Sunday, January 21, 2018

Everyday Motivation

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by Michelle Sutton-Kerchner

As the summer heats up, your workout may take a little more mental effort. Stay motivated even when you break a sweat just walking to the mailbox …

It’s the heart of summer. Swimsuits are no longer a threat, but a reality. Your fitness level and beach body “are what they are,” at this point in the season. Hot weather and lounge chairs may make a snooze in the sun seem more appealing than a sweaty workout.

Sometimes, it takes an extra push to stay on track. Try these tactics to accomplish your workout, especially during the lazy days of summer.

Challenge Yourself

Change up your routine.
Change up your routine.

Increase the difficulty level of your workout. Extend the length, add additional resistance (whether via weights or other adjustments), or increase the intensity. Ask a personal trainer for a few quick tips before you hit the climber or treadmill. Check in with your Group Fitness instructor for modifications you can make during class. Their advice also can help you avoid injuries as you push boundaries.


Banish the boredom of a tiresome workout. Leave feeling accomplished and ready for the next session!

Play Favorites

Create a playlist of favorite songs and save them for your workout only. Include upbeat, inspiring tunes to keep you moving. When you randomly hear them outside the Center, you will happily associate them with your fitness routine and healthy lifestyle.

Save some things for workouts only.
Save some things for workouts only.

Have a new, supportive pair of sneakers or water shoes you use only when exercising. Put aside shorts, yoga pants, and t-shirts in fun styles that you enjoy. You’ll look forward to wearing them. Just as a business suit lends a professional mindset, workout clothes help create a frame-of-mind to burn it off!

Entertain Yourself

Read, watch, listen. Get it done!
Read, watch, listen. Get it done!

A mindful workout takes fitness benefits beyond the body. It enhances your experience and results. However, if you can’t get motivated to exercise, mindfulness is irrelevant. Some days call for distraction tactics. Allow yourself to read or watch TV while you work out. The Center’s equipment, and your own electronic devices, allow this convenience.

Let the next chapter or episode lure you to the treadmill. Escape with every step. Your session will be finished before you realize it. You may even want to continue farther. (Binge watch, anyone?)

Bring a Buddy

Add some friendship to your fitness.
Add some friendship to your fitness.

Perhaps you know someone who wants to begin exercising but needs some direction. Consider bringing him/her as a Center guest for a day. You’ll feel great to introduce a loved one to a community where you thrive. Maybe there is a member in your Group Training session with whom you’ve gotten friendly. Invite this workout buddy to your favorite Group Fitness class.

Develop a workout-buddy support system for accountability and fun. Enjoy a little friendship with your fitness, and add this element to your healthy lifestyle endeavors. For more workout-buddy inspiration, see

When All Else Fails …

Float it out.
Float it out.

Float this one out—whether literally on a raft or figuratively via a walk or an ice tea on the patio. Flexibility is essential to remaining committed to a healthy lifestyle. Today may not be your day for a formal workout. You’ll be far happier to achieve a great sweat session tomorrow, if you don’t beat yourself up for skipping today.




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