Monday, December 18, 2017
Group Fitness provides a unique opportunity for exercising in a supportive environment with friends, new and old. Beyond the power of the flex, many classes at the Center deliver an added bonus: the power of knowledge ...

Exercise Physiology Meets Entertainment Tonight

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Anyone can go through the motions at a fitness class and leave feeling physically charged. However, upon finishing a Group Fitness class at the Center, members often leave with a healthier body and mind.

“All of our Group Fitness instructors are certified, often in multiple exercise disciplines. We encourage our instructors to continue education, and even offer on-site fitness seminars and certifications,” informs Regional Fitness Director Cheryl Ziegler.  Some such occasions include Pilates certifications provided to staff and hosting prestigious workshops like the Body Training Systems instruction program.

The Center’s Group Fitness program offers a unique benefit: exercise and intelligence. Members learn the latest workout techniques and health tips by our forward-thinking instructors who follow the fitness industry’s latest discoveries. Instructor Sharon Casper is one such star on our Group Fitness team. “In all of my classes, I try to be a commentator for better health,” states Sharon.

Sharon’s students praise what has become known as her “lectures of the week,” where she shares insight on nutrition, hydration, fitness, and other health-related topics. “It’s like cycling with a friend and having the benefit of an instructor as well,” according to member Tony Benedetto, who uses cycling classes for cardio to complement his workout with weights on the Exercise Floor.

In addition to health tips, Sharon also likes to chat about the latest TV shows, pop-culture trivia, and other fun facts while students cycle their way to better health. Her students refer to her class as “Exercise Physiology Meets Entertainment Tonight,” where the latest health and fitness news is shared over a vigorous cycle ride. This camaraderie is typical at the Center. Brains and exercise combine to create a unique workout experience that transcends those associated with typical gyms.

“All the instructors at the Center are very professional and knowledgeable, which is the element that sets this facility above the rest,” states member Peter Zakia. “Sharon brings a lot of energy to each class, and works diligently to keep it different and interesting,” adds Peter. Her latest success included a 90-minute ride celebrating Woodstock’s fortieth anniversary. Donned in tie-dye attire and headband, with a selection of music from the original festival, Sharon “channeled the 60s” while sharing tidbits on everything from Woodstock to weight-loss. Participants loved it.

“It’s easy to teach an exercise class. Captivating the class, and making them life-long exercisers, is my goal.” states Cheryl.

Sharon allows time for a question-and-answer period after class. “I’m always excited to learn and continue my education. I want to pass along the knowledge I acquire to our members,” states Sharon. Sharon comments on the extensive information– and misinformation– available to us through the media. Like the Center’s other instructors and trainers, she wants to help members sort out all that as best as possible.

A middle school teacher for four years, Sharon is still at the front of a classroom. “I can’t help myself. Teaching others is my passion. The format is different but the goal remains to help others learn.” As a Group Fitness Cycling instructor, Sharon enjoys a captive audience. She targets her mini lectures during cool downs or recovery times of interval rides (for which the latter she explained in detail so I, too, now understand the finer points of various cycle rides). Once a teacher, always a teacher.

With certifications as a cycle instructor, personal trainer, health & fitness specialist, and strength & conditioning specialist, Sharon’s instruction is an asset to any exercise program. Fitness gurus like her make the difference between accomplishing a workout and committing to a healthy lifestyle. These are the professionals on our team.

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