Saturday, November 18, 2017
Put your health to work for the benefit of others. The Center offers opportunities to participate in community fitness events that help a worthy cause …

Fitness for a Worthy Cause

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Giving back to the community by volunteering your time, energy, and skill—whether running, cycling, swimming, or walking– is an excellent way to enhance your own well-being. Become aware of the power your body truly yields, and appreciate your own health while improving the lives of others.

NYC-run-pic21Worthy-cause fitness events are also great motivators. These act as “deadlines” for your exercise routine. They provide specific goals and target dates for meeting them. With something like a Run for the Cure in your future, you’ll more easily be inspired to take your routine to the next level. Go that extra mile on the treadmill and beyond!

Have a cause that’s close to your heart? We welcome you to bring any such events to our attention. The Center, both members and staff, enjoy occasions to improve their own health as well as the health of our community. Not to mention, it’s a lot of fun.

Check the Center’s Web site, F&W News e-magazine, and postings for upcoming fitness fundraisers. Join us!


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