Monday, December 18, 2017

Get Body Positive!

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by Michelle Sutton-Kerchner

In your quest to look and feel great this summer, it is not always about acquiring the best swimsuit or perfectly sculpted biceps …

Perhaps the best approach to a season hyped up by bottled tans, control-panel swimwear, and muscle shirts is to turn inward. Discover your true self. Accept your best features and your flaws. Be content with who you are, size included, this very moment. Be positive about your body.

Redirect Your Focus

A commitment to fitness and healthy nutrition can have a positive impact on your outward appearance. Yet, before you can drop a size, you can boost your image — to yourself and others. Kale smoothies and a magic number of reps are not required. Rather, give your looks a boost by acknowledging your accomplishments and uniqueness.

Give your body credit!
Give your body credit!

Having a sculpted version of yourself in mind during a sweat session can be great motivation. However, never forget to appreciate the person you are now. The body that worked 14 hours for you yesterday. The core muscles that cradled a baby for nine months. The arms that carried everything from bulky shopping bags to squirming toddlers. The legs that got you here, to do this work out, to get you closer to your fitness goals. Concentrate on helping your well-accomplished body grow healthier and stronger.

Never stop improving.
Never stop improving.

As you progress through your workout, give self-acceptance an opportunity to emerge. Focus on your positives, as they are in the moment. Make today’s goal to surface from your workout more complete and self-tolerant. Use fitness to achieve self-awareness– along with those killer abs.

Become mindful of how you operate and respond to the world. Adjust accordingly. Be realistic in expectations of yourself and others. Constantly overcoming disappointments is disheartening and self-negating. Forget standard good-looks. You may, or may not, achieve a lifeguard physique. That is okay. Keep traveling in the right direction. Your are already amazing.

Confidence is your best feature.
Confidence is your best feature.

Body positivity is inspiring. Self-acceptance accelerates the journey toward goals as you recognize your worthiness to become your best. Give back to the body that continuously functions for you, even during setbacks. Focus on good aspects of your physical and mental being.

Every summer, clothing manufacturers reveal seasonal styles created with “new technology” to slim, show-off , hide, and enhance. Be your own flaw-buster, shape-builder. Get busy on the Exercise Floor. And, allow your brain to be your best asset. Confidence looks stunning on you.

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