Wednesday, February 21, 2018
Personal training has reached new heights since our introduction of the Personal Results Program at the start of this year. Access to DotFit, our online fitness tracking system, takes the personal training connection beyond the Center’s walls …

Got DotFit?

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Since its inception earlier this year, the DotFit element of the Personal Results Program has undergone many improvements.  The training team is striving to make this system work best for our membership. Through an initial period of introduction, useful feedback has allowed us to tweak DotFit into a full-functioning fitness tool based on our clients’ priorities.

DotFit acts as a virtual personal trainer. It provides insight and recommendations when you are away from the Center, keeping you accountable and on track toward your health goals at all times. DotFit is available via the Web and is personalized with information provided by your personal trainer and you. The trainer establishes the site for you and makes adjustments throughout your work together.

DotFit monitors caloric intake, meals, exercise, and nutrition based on exacting information. For example, if you lose weight, the system will automatically reduce your suggested daily caloric limit based on your new weight. It will also provide exercises to help burn the amount of calories necessary to maintain your ideal weight, taking into consideration your meal plan. Having your weight and calories conveniently monitored for you eliminates the hassle of traditional dietary and exercise calculation methods (you, sheets of paper, and a calculator).

DotFit users benefit from personalized motivation both at the Center and on-the-go.
DotFit users benefit from personalized motivation both at the Center and on-the-go.

“It’s the most successful thing I’ve ever done as far as weight loss is concerned,” reports member Sara Vessichelli on using DotFit. The combination of personal training sessions and the DotFit tool has allowed her to “definitely notice huge differences in her weight as well as overall energy level.”

A member since 2007, Sara joined the Center after giving birth to her second child. With a two-year-old daughter and four-year-old son, she cannot afford any energy deficit. Although she did want to lose weight, Sara’s main incentive for adhering to this program was to feel better. “I wanted to have energy left at the end of the day to spend with my kids. It is important for me to be healthy, not just for myself but for my family. They rely on me,” she says with compassion.

Sara works with personal trainer Kathy Banko on a weekly basis. Kathy’s expertise, along with the DotFit tracking system, keeps Sara’s routine fresh based on her increasing fitness level. “By continuously tracking my progress and updating my routine, I remain motivated,” attests Sara, further proving this by the three 5K races she’s run since using DotFit.

“Kathy encouraged me to try my first road race,” informs Sara. Sometimes you just need persuasion to register! Thinking this race was her goal, Sara was surprised when it was only the catalyst for other races. “I really enjoyed it, so much so that I inspired my personal trainer to join me in another race. It is this sense of camaraderie that the Center works to create for all who enter. People helping people live a better life.

Pat Plumeau
Pat Plumeau

“I’ve been using DotFit since February, and it’s been wonderful,” agrees member Pat Plumeau. Like Sara, her main motivation was to increase overall health and well-being. Weight loss was secondary. (However, Pat was anxious to share that she lost a total of 10 inches.) “When I started the Personal Results Program, my main goal was to be healthier. I wanted to help eliminate visits to the doctors and to deal with several major health issues affecting my life,” shares Pat.

In addition to exercise sessions with her personal trainer, Jenny Luis, Pat started using DotFit to monitor calories and create exercise programs for the days she and Jenny couldn’t meet. “Thanks to DotFit, I’m more aware of all of the food I eat during the day and how much exercise I actually accomplish. Every day, it helps me keep sight of my goals,” Pat explains.

“Now that I’m on track with my healthier lifestyle, the number on the scale does not matter as much to me,” she insists. Her plan is to accomplish at least 30 to 60 minutes of daily exercise, which is challenging while working a full-time job, attending college part-time, and enjoying a large family (three sons and three step-daughters).  “I’ve realized, though, that I must take care of myself so I can care for other people and aspects in my life in a much calmer way,” she says with a renewed sense of spirit.

Pat has lost 16 pounds since enlisting Jenny’s services and using DotFit. She has recognized an increase in energy level and an overall improvement in her outlook on life and health. “I also haven’t had to make one doctor’s appointment for any type of health issues!” Pat indicates with a large grin.

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