Tuesday, January 23, 2018
Members are gaining big time motivation in the Fitness & Wellness Biggest Center Loser competition. With exciting incentives to go beyond their tried-and-true fitness routines, participants are reminded of the Center’s holistic approach to wellness. Discover their inspiration and share in it …

Healthy Competition Scores Big

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The Center is pushing members to greatness with a challenge to rock their fitness world. And participants love it. Created during a Group Fitness brainstorming session, the concept is modeled after the hit TV show, “The Biggest Loser.” Involvement is Center-wide, with the goal of helping people realize their full potential by taking advantage of all the Center offers.

Often, people fall into a comfortable fitness routine. They go straight to the Exercise Floor or Cycling class at every visit, perform the same exercises, and use the same muscle groups. This can stall progress, and become boring. With an exercise program that doesn’t deliver, your biggest challenge might be just getting off the couch! The contest’s goal is to reacquaint members with the facility as a whole to help expand their everyday workout to an exciting lifestyle.

Katie Juliano, a member of two years, tried Group Fitness classes for the first time. “I was stuck in a running rut. This contest has been encouraging me to try different things,” she says. A new mom for the third time, Katie has been motivated by this contest to return to the Center. “I am constantly rushing around all day, taking my older children to school and sports. I’ve learned that it’s okay to take an hour out of the day for myself. I actually get more accomplished after I work out!” Feedback like Katie’s, about the contest and exercise itself, has been overwhelming.

Get inspired to try something new. If you automatically head for Group Fitness, get an introduction to the Exercise Floor.
Get inspired to try something new. If you automatically head for Group Fitness, get an introduction to the Exercise Floor.

Participants have been happily charting their progress, which requires them to target three out of five categories each week. The categories include cardio training, strength training, mind/body fitness, cycling, and aquatics.  Someone who routinely attends Group Fitness Power class is now encouraged to try a Pilates mat classes; a weightlifter is inspired to complete a water workout.  Points are earned each time. Trying something new results in extra points for having the courage to go beyond your comfort zone.

Points are also gained for attending your nursing assessment, a Pilates Reformer demo, and a personal training orientation or re-evaluation session. These are freebies included with your membership that often go unused. Some members are scheduling their first nursing assessment in four years. These perks should not go unrecognized. They are a huge asset in accomplishing your fitness goals.

“Through this contest, we hope to reinforce all that makes membership such an excellent value. The incentives are simply directing members toward fully participating in their membership,” cites Regional Group Fitness Director Cheryl Ziegler. The response has been amazing. Hundreds of members are enjoying the challenge. The winner will receive 1,000 Fit Bucks to use for membership dues, training /Pilates Reformer sessions, community education classes, and more.

When asked who has the winning lead, Cheryl explained that each contestant tracks his/her own progress on a sheet signed off by staff. Although weight loss isn’t the main focus, it does earn points. Participants were weighed on May 3, at the start of the contest, and will be weighed again on June 19 at the completion. Therefore, each person’s status remains a mystery until the very end. If uninterested in losing weight, a contestant can still win the contest through excelling in the other categories, such as the Group Fitness classes, personal training sessions, or Pilates Reformer training.

With everyone’s standing being unknown, healthy competition thrives in the fullest sense. Members are pushing themselves and each other to go further. “This is the biggest response we’ve ever had to a contest. It has been our most successful event ever,” according to Cheryl. She reports an average of six or seven newbies in every Group Fitness class. This reflects people’s excitement about the contest. More than that, it demonstrates members’ yearning to experiment with elements of fitness previously unfamiliar to them.

At the close of the contest, a Last Chance Workout will be held. This will be a two-hour event where participants can earn two extra bonus percentage points possible through a variety of fitness activities. It promises to be a fun grand finale to a successful event. And, for those comparing scores, it will be a perfect opportunity to equalize any deficits.

An appreciation dinner will be held for all participants on Monday, June 21. The winner will be announced and awarded the 1,000 Fit Bucks.

Missed This Opportunity?

If you passed over this contest for whatever reason, don’t be too disappointed. Life can sometimes get in the way, or a business trip, illness, injury, or your dog had puppies. Who knows. The good news: We’ll be having another challenging event, complete with prizes, during the summer.

Putting it to the pedal at last year's cycling competition.
Putting it to the pedal at last year's cycling competition.

The “Tour de” competition will mimic the Tour de France as the Center makes it our own! Participants will be divided into teams. The winning team must complete the most cycling classes by the closing date. To make it authentic, the 21 stages for the daily rides will match the profiles of the Tour de France. Contest dates: July 3, 2010 to July 25, 2010.

Create Your Own Competition

Be your own coach. Keep track of your best exercise performance and make a covenant with yourself to beat it. Use your imagination. Perhaps create your own competitors. This can be especially effective if your imaginary opponent is an annoying coworker or even a celebrity athlete. It may sound silly, but the mind is an amazing instrument. Simply distracting yourself in such a manner can have you exceeding your personal goals in a flash. Don’t look now–  but I think you just passed yourself.

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