Tuesday, January 23, 2018
There is never a good time to make risky investments, with both your time and money. That’s why we’re offering a special incentive to try the Personal Results Program—risk free! We guarantee you will lose 5 pounds in 1 month or you will get a complete refund of the Program’s cost …

Lose 5 Pounds in 1 Month

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To reflect our confidence in the personal training team and Personal Results Program, we are providing this unique opportunity. Take your exercise routine to the next level by following our proven Personal Results Program.

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Exerspy gathers pertinent information for obtaining your weight-loss goals.

The process is designed to manage your caloric intake versus calories burned. It monitors for a healthy ratio between your activity and food consumption. For example, keeping a balance between the slices of pizza eaten and the number of miles run on the treadmill often determines the success of your weight-loss program. Through careful monitoring and professional insight from our training team, you can lose five pounds in one month—and continue to manage your weight through a healthier lifestyle.

Since the Personal Results Program launch in early January, members have been sharing their positive experiences:

It’s the most successful thing I’ve ever done as far as weight loss is concerned. The combination of personal training sessions and the DotFit tool has allowed me to notice a huge difference in my weight and overall energy level.

I’ve been using DotFit since February, and it’s been wonderful.

Thanks to DotFit, I’m more aware of all of the food I eat during the day and how much exercise I actually accomplish. Every day, it helps me keep sight of my goals.

I wanted to have energy left at the end of the day to spend with my kids. The Personal Results Program helps me accomplish this. It is important for me to be healthy, not just for myself but for my family. They rely on me.

By continuously tracking my progress and updating my routine, I remain motivated.

What It Takes

Vigilant adherence to the Program’s guidelines is required. Your personal trainer will collect the information needed to design a customized routine for you. The following lists the Program’s requirements:

  • Two 60-minute sessions with your personal trainer each week for 4 weeks. All sessions must be completed within 30 days.
  • The Exerspy calorie tracking system must be worn throughout the Program to track overall caloric expenditure.
  • Participants must record their food consumption for 5 days of each week to track caloric intake.
  • Participants must weigh in at the start of every session.
    The Exerspy is the most practical, reliable tool for tracking caloric expenditure. It’s small enough to be comfortably worn on your arm.
    The Exerspy is the most practical, reliable tool for tracking caloric expenditure. It’s small enough to be comfortably worn on your arm.

Follow these guidelines and you’re guaranteed to succeed. Failure to follow these guidelines can result in disqualification for the 5-in-1 incentive.

What You Get

Talk with a member of the Training Team to start the clock on your weight loss journey. Cost of the Personal Results Program includes all you need to participate, both during the incentive period and beyond.  Benefit from:

  • up to eight 60-minute sessions with your trainer
  • strength and cardiovascular fitness guidelines
  • activity and calorie tracking using DotFit and the new Exerspy calorie tracking system
  • nutritional guidelines and reference menus
  • online support and education

What You Lose

Five pounds in one month, or a complete refund of your money!

See snapshots of your activity over a period of time.
See snapshots of your activity over a period of time.

The Personal Results Program … personalized, healthy, fast fitness.

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