Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Need a Little Motivation?

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by Michelle Sutton-Kerchner

If heart health and skinny jeans aren’t getting you on the Fitness Floor today, try some of these …

We all have the occasional day that puts our workout at risk. Keep your fitness momentum with these motivators.

Do It for Fun

Fitness fun, fists, pic
Don’t be so serious!

Goals are necessary to propel ourselves forward in all endeavors, especially fitness. But, it’s okay to give yourself an occasional break from the goal-focused mindset. Stronger, faster, and fitter may not be what it takes to break a sweat on some days. Instead focus on having fun. Take a dance-oriented class, go for a swim, walk your dog, walk someone else’s dog (extra points if it’s an energetic puppy). Make the purpose of this “workout” pure enjoyment. Save the rep counting and heart-rate monitor for tomorrow.


Go Easy

If you’re obsessed with your fitness goal (like maybe because it’s a 5K and the clock is ticking), but still not sparked to hit the treadmill, go easy. Go through the motions of your workout. Lower the intensity, decrease the reps, and shorten the duration. Even the pros take an easy day on occasion. An easy workout is better than nothing!

Quiz Yourself

Determine how fast or how many of your standard exercises you can do. You can focus on any area of the body or all areas. Consider lunges, sit-ups, push-ups, jumping jacks, squats, or even stair-climbing. Keep a chart of how many or how quickly you did each for future comparison. You’ll manage a quick, high-intensity workout that offers a healthy kick of motivation.


Take it easy.
Take it slow.

If your day has been fast and furious, use your workout time for a stretch session. Feel the stress melt away as you deepen into a variety of stretches. Just make sure you warm up for five or ten minutes before stretching to avoid pulling a muscle. You may feel so good, you’ll continue with your usual routine. Consider a Yoga or Pilates class for more soothing movements.


Fitness floor, casual, pic
Just show up.


You have a slot in your day to work out. If you decide to skip the exercising, visit the Center anyway. Chat with a friend you often see, make a new friend, enjoy a snack at the café, bring a book and read at the pool. Even if you cannot get enough spunk to bust a move, you are still honoring your time commitment.

As with anything, a little break can do wonders. Although you never want a break from your health, one less hour of cardio won’t have an effect. You even may find you have extra energy for tomorrow’s workout.


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