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Post-Vacation Weight Gain

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by Michelle Sutton-Kerchner

Summer isn’t often associated with weight gain. But, it happens, especially after that last vacation. Deal with it now …

Winter usually gets blamed for weight gain. Reduced activity levels, comfort eating, and big-meal holidays make for easy extra pounds on the scale. Yet, summertime has its own way of sneaking on the weight. It could be from vacationing at an all-inclusive (endless meals and drinks) resort. Or, a staycation may be the source of added pounds, where luxuries include dining out and stocking the pantry with your favorite treats.

  1. Take a deep breath. 2. Acknowledge the situation. 3. Take action.

Determine the Cause

This is not a fitness tool.

Once you realize your shorts haven gotten a bit shorter, reflect on why. Have you been stress-eating? Is the presence of school-free children changing your salads to macaroni and cheese and drive-thru fare? Perhaps you exchanged your daily cup of joe for a frozen coffee concoction, complete with whipped cream and syrups. Then, there were those boardwalk treats.

And what happened to your exercise routine! Have your workout buddies posted your picture on missing-persons posters around the Center? Splashing in your neighbor’s pool is not a workout. Neither is washing your car.

Own the extra pounds. Don’t excuse them away. Acknowledge their possible origins so you know where to focus improvements. Then, undo the damage.

Don’t Delay

A trainer can help quickly get you back on track.

With each passing day, and each added pound, change becomes more challenging. Confidence plummets as your hard-earned fitness results unravel before your eyes. Schedule your reevaluations with the Center personal trainer and nurse. Determine your current stats. (Maybe you are not as far gone as you fear.) Then, develop a new plan of attack.

These appointments hold you accountable to a fresh start. Get the facts, set new fitness goals, and start a new exercise routine customized for you by a professional. A personal trainer can help you avoid further weight sabotages. Once you are back on track, s/he can help you maintain your healthiest weight.

Change the Obsession

Obsession often (and rightfully) has negative connotations. However, what if we became obsessed with the positives in life? Redirect the focus from your extra body weight to achieving a healthier body and mind. Remind yourself of the many perks achieved from a healthy weight, beyond a slimmer physique.

Focus on good health.

Acknowledge how the presence of extra weight is affecting you. You are probably sluggish, lack energy, feel stiff or sore, and are easily stressed. Not to mention, you feel disappointment and angst about your weight loss efforts being undone.

Focus on gaining back the health perks and the weight loss will follow more easily. Fretting over the weight itself often triggers a cycle of binge diets and overcompensations that are not maintainable.

If you must obsess, direct it on regaining your healthy habits—the ones with which you succeeded before the summer add-on. Our focus should be on continuously caring for our body, mind, and spirit. A goal weight is only part of that. Alone, it cannot translate into a healthy lifestyle.

Body weight is one part of wellness. Strive to live healthier. As those habits solidify, unhealthy body weight will no longer be an issue.


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