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Recharge Weight Loss Efforts

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by Michelle Sutton-Kerchner

You spent the summer exercising but the scale is stuck.

Stop focusing on “when” you’ll drop the pounds. It’s time to change up the “how.”

Change Your Routine

You may exercise at high intensity for an hour every day. The workout might be a perfect fit– for where you were two months ago.

Approximately every six weeks, you need to evolve your fitness plan. Meet with a personal trainer and schedule your nurse evaluation. Determine your progress. (You’ve surely made some, even if not shown on the scale.) Create an updated path to challenge your new skill level. Keep muscles and mind engaged with different fitness equipment and methods to assure results. A trainer can show you how to be limitless in your endeavors while remaining in safe parameters.

Burn More Than You Consume

The simple equation of “more out than in” is fundamental to weight loss. When attempting weight loss, on most days, aim to burn off more calories than you take in. Beware of excessive calorie burning over a short time though. This can trick your body into starvation mode, which triggers metabolism to slow and fat to be stored.

Watch What You Eat

Fill up with this high-fiber snack.
Fill up with high-fiber snacks.

The type of calories are almost as important as the amount consumed. Choose nutrient-dense foods. Avoid the addictive ingredients found in sweets and processed products, which often leave you craving more. You’ll eat less, be more satisfied, and feel better.

Look Elsewhere

Think bigger.
Focus on your whole self.

Focus on other improvements. Increased energy to better enjoy seasonal activities. Lowered cholesterol that allows you to patronize the ice cream truck. Stronger core muscles that help your golf swing.

Be confident that each day you are improving, learning, and growing. Keep journeying toward your weight loss goals. Know you are accomplishing heaps in the process.

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