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ReJOYvenate in 20 Minutes or Less

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As the holidays peak, take time to quickly recharge. Intensify your joy …

By mid-December, many of us have heard too many carols and waited too long in check-out lines. Even Internet check-out has slowed from users, desperate to score cyber deals, avoid malls, or both. Don’t be the season’s Grinch. Capture holiday joy with these quick refreshers (before it eludes you all together).

Maintain Your Workout

Work in your workout.

You may not be able to accomplish your regular routine amidst the last-minute holiday hustle. However, you cannot afford to abandon fitness completely. You need the energy, immunity boost, and stress-relief that comes with an invigorating workout. (See for more reminders of the perks of holiday fitness.)

Ask a trainer how to abbreviate your workout for maximum impact in minimal time. Learn body-weight resistance exercises you can perform on the go. Some isometrics can be done while waiting in traffic, at the airport, or in those never-ending lines.

Drink Plenty of Water

Simply festive.

Often, dehydration is associated with the steamy days of summer. Don’t forget to drink up in December. Being indoors among recirculated, dry-air heat robs the body of moisture. Festivities and holiday meals tend to offer a variety of sugary drinks, from eggnog to sparkling ciders, juices, and wine. Caffeinated and alcoholic beverages also dehydrate while packing on the calories.

Try to counteract every sweet or high-caloric indulgence with a glass of water. You get a twofer—hydration and fullness. Make it festive with a slice of fruit or sprig of mint. Merry doesn’t have to be mega.


Refresh with a 10-minute stretch.

You don’t need to be a yogi to act like one. Benefit from 10 minutes of full-body stretches. All you need is a little bit of space, whether at your desk or your kitchen sink.

Ask a yoga instructor for a few poses focused on tension relief. Now, multitask by adding a bit of meditation. Focus on your breathing as you flow from one pose to another. Emerge with a clear mind and relaxed body. Namaste to your renewed holiday spirit.


Radiate joy.

Spend five minutes listing all the good exchanged so far during the holidays. Go beyond the usual gift swaps and holiday goodness. Instead, include the extras, the little but unnecessary niceties. They often define the season.

Perhaps you got an unexpected tin of cookies. Maybe you surprised a new workout buddy with a pair of sports socks. Consider donations you made, whether a can of beans, gently used coat, or toy for a tot. Acknowledge the small stuff. It may seem insignificant. However, that is often where the holiday wow originates. Focus on this joy and nurture it.

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