Thursday , 23 February 2017
My name is Sharon and I have a confession to make. I can no longer button my pants. The fact that I am a personal trainer and cycle instructor makes this an even more difficult confession. I should also mention I’m getting married at the end of the summer. I don’t consider myself a vain person, but a girl likes to look good for her wedding. Rather than fighting frustration, or blaming my washer and dryer, I decided to follow the advice I give people every day. I’m going to work with a personal trainer. As my wedding day approaches, here is what I’ve discovered...

Sharon’s Wedding Fitness Journey: The Final Week

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As my wedding day approaches, here is what I’ve discovered:

• Training works. I was able to achieve results because Allison, my personal trainer, encouraged me to work beyond what I do on my own.

• Training is only part of the equation. Although working with a trainer yields impressive results, simple dietary improvements enabled me to excel even more. I admit, though, I will eat a bagel and potato chips for breakfast the morning after my wedding.

• An hour training with Allison goes much quicker than exercising for half an hour on my own.

• The improvements I made while training motivated me to continue working with Allison, even after the wedding.

As for the pants that sparked this entire journey, they zip up now!

If only I could learn to walk in high heels by next weekend.

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