Monday, December 18, 2017
My name is Sharon and I have a confession to make. I can no longer button my pants. The fact that I am a personal trainer and cycle instructor makes this an even more difficult confession. I should also mention I’m getting married at the end of the summer. I don’t consider myself a vain person, but a girl likes to look good for her wedding. Rather than fighting frustration, or blaming my washer and dryer, I decided to follow the advice I give people every day. I’m going to work with a personal trainer. Join me over the next six weeks as I travel this exciting personal journey. I will share my experiences, successes, and pitfalls (there are bound to be some) along the way. Through my journey, find something that inspires you and make it yours. Every Journey Begins with a Single Step....

Sharon’s Wedding Journey: Every Journey Begins With a Single Step

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Getting Started: Every Journey Begins with a Single Step

First Step: The Nurse Evaluation

This vital first step gives you a starting place, a baseline for moving forward. Often, I hear members talk of postponing the nurse evaluation until after they start exercising so they can lower their blood pressure or lose weight first. But, you can’t put together a puzzle without all the pieces. When I met with the nurse, she weighed me and used the futrex, an infrared device that divides body weight into fat mass and lean mass, and determines hydration levels. It only took a few minutes to gain a baseline for later comparison and ongoing motivation.

Second Step: Choosing a Trainer

Part of my job as a fitness manager is to help make the ideal trainer-member connection. In addition to the fitness manager’s insight, talk to other members and observe trainers in action to determine what you want from a program and who seems to be the best fit. How is the trainer interacting with his/her client? Do you like his/her style? Perhaps you are interested in the exercise program being performed.

If you are due for your re-evalutaion (free to members every 6 to 8 weeks) or are have difficulty meeting fitness goals on your own, a trainer can provide the motivation you need.

I chose my personal trainer based on the success I witnessed her having with another member. The member lost 28 pounds, exhibited excellent form, and was able to lift an amount of weight she never thought possible. I also know this trainer is someone with whom I would enjoy spending an hour. I purchased my training package and am anxious to get started!

Join me next week for an update on my trainer-supervised exercise program and how these programs get YOU results faster!

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