Monday, December 18, 2017
Charged with energy, Group Fitness Instructor Christina’s exercise classes benefit from her charismatic personality and impressive fitness skills. Pilates is the spark that ignites this fitness powerhouse …

The Fit Get Fitter with Pilates

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Christina is passionate about fitness, evidenced by myriad certifications and qualifications in the fitness industry. With a focus on Group Fitness instruction, she is certified to teach Cycle, as well as Group Step, Power, Kick, and Groove. She was encouraged to try Pilates to loosen her muscles and joints. “After all, I have to set an example for my classes. I can’t appear tight and stiff,” says Christina with a chuckle.

The stretching and toning accomplished through Pilates, along with its famous core strengthening, worked wonders for Christina and, indirectly, her students. “I became a better fitness instructor as a result of Pilates. My form and posture improved. I was better able to share my talents with the class,” she states. There is much crossover between Pilates and other fitness classes. “Practicing Pilates can enhance your overall workout experience, regardless of which classes you take, or exercise equipment you use, to supplement it,” indicates Christina.

Christina capitalized on this positive experience. She expanded her fitness qualifications and her career to include a focus on Pilates. She was driven to partake in the rigorous Body Arts and Sciences International Pilates Comprehensive Teacher Training, which included specialization in the Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Step Barrel, Ladder Barrel, Arm Chair, and Ped-o-Pul. Curious about these Pilates tools? Feel free to discuss them with the Center’s Pilates Coordinator or Group Fitness Director.

“With Pilates, every workout is unique. It never gets boring because the same exercises can be accomplished each time with a different focus,” informs Christina. The movements for this exercise method are very precise and require concentration, leaving one more connected to the body and mind.

Christina indicates that Pilates not only improves her skills in the exercise studio, but also in everyday life. “I stand taller. I’m conscious of my form at all times now, whether I’m standing in line at the grocery store or trying on a new pair of jeans. I’ve proven that clothes really do ‘lay’ differently when your posture is perfected.”

Christina also works with high school students, providing in-season circuit training and agility conditioning for the athletic teams. “The core strengthening and stretching accomplished in Pilates can improve the performance of varied populations, from young athletes wanting to win their game, to the elderly wanting to decrease physical limitations that typically arrive with age,” Christina says.

For a schedule of Group Fitness classes, including the Center’s Pilates offerings, please visit your Center’s website.

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