Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Tips for Safe Snow Shoveling

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Snow shoveling can be a heavy challenge. Make it safer and easier with these quick tips!

– Layer clothing. Warm up with gentle stretches before you start.

– Don’t overload your snow shovel! A cubic foot of snow weighs about 15 pounds. Wet snow weighs even more.

– Try to push snow, rather than lift it.

– Concentrate on good posture. Avoid rounding your back.

– Avoid twisting into unnatural positions to throw snow to the side. Don’t throw snow over your shoulder. (It even sounds painful!)

– Pace yourself. Snow shoveling is a total-body workout!

– Stay hydrated and take frequent breaks.

– Stay dry. Always stretch when finished!

– The good news: One hour of shoveling burns about 400 calories!

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