Sunday, January 21, 2018
With or without boxing gloves, here are tips for adding a fresh punch to your workout. This article is Part 2 of 2 where Center fitness experts share ideas on how to add excitement to your tried-and-true exercise program ...

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Pump up the Volume

Now is the perfect time to add spunk to your exercise routine. Personal Trainer John Margiotta suggests throwing a lot of punches. John encourages exercisers to incorporate combat sport techniques into their program for an effective and fun workout. Although his educational background is in physical therapy and rehabilitation, John spent the past two years focusing on the many benefits of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and boxing training.

Adding some jabs, defensive drills, and fist throws can do wonders for a workout. “If you’re looking for something new to freshen up your routine, definitely consider incorporating boxing techniques,” John insists. “It’s an effective way to get in shape, build confidence, and have fun.” With a workout so enjoyable, John assures you’ll progress quickly and stick to your program.

John's poised to think first, then act.
John's poised to think first, then act.

Set aside any preconceived notion about boxing. It certainly is not all brawn and no brain. “The technical aspect is what I enjoy the most,” shares John. “So much reasoning and thought is given behind every punch.  It’s the tactical facet of this exercise that enthralls me.” A good boxer strategizes each movement in advance before executing. It takes an analytical mind, someone who is mentally sharp. “Boxing is tough stuff,” informs John. This mind-engaging characteristic helps make an exhilarating workout. Life’s worries and daily challenges are set aside while the body enjoys a powerful release of tension.

“Working with a personal trainer like John has made my son, Sean, and me aware of the philosophical and psychological sides of combat. Every time we watch MMA fights, we’re able to recognize, and sometimes even predict, the fighters’ next moves,” states member David Collins. Having guidance through personal training or a boxing class transforms even the inexperienced to confidently trained fighters, whether for exercise purposes, competition, or just better enjoying a televised match.

Additionally, a personal trainer motivates clients to evolve their workouts, varying techniques either with boxing or other innovative moves. As David shares, “John’s infectious enthusiasm helps us make it through the toughest workouts, keeping us psyched and looking for more.”

To incorporate boxing into your fitness routine, talk with a personal trainer or the Center’s Fitness Manager. Some one-on-one coaching might be just what’s needed in the “boxing ring” that is our Exercise Floor.

Going it alone? Add life to your next workout by adapting some simple boxing techniques:

  • Choose exercises that focus on hand/eye coordination.
  • Get comfortable with boxing basics so you can have fun executing combinations of them. For example, jab, cross, hook, cross.
  • Concentrate on upper body and then introduce footwork.

Do It with Urgency

Do something to increase the effectiveness of your workout. Don’t delay. Now is the time. Choose a new Group Fitness class or introduce a unique style to your everyday workout. Whether big or small, change accelerates progress. As an ancient philosopher once said, “He who stands in one place too long has trouble putting on pants.”

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