Monday, December 18, 2017

You’ve Got This!

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by Michelle Sutton-Kerchner

It’s Christmas week. Regardless of your beliefs and celebrations, everything is a little frenzied now as the year, and holiday gifts, get wrapped up. It’s time for your shock-absorbing workout, the one that keeps you grounded among the chaos …

Emit peace as the world rushes around you. This may sound impossible. After all, you scoff, you are at the front of the race. Worry not!  You can do it. Be the calm among the stress. Here’s how:

Make Your Workout Count

Right now, you need exercises that double as stress- and calorie-busters. They should be quick, effective, and full of sweat power. Ask a trainer for suggestions. Tell him/her you want a fast workout to help you feel more jolly and less guilty from a month’s worth of sweets in the name of holiday spirit.

Do a mini workout in between festivities.
Do a mini workout in between festivities.

Can’t make it to the Center? Squeeze in mini workouts to keep momentum until your next visit. Here are some easy ideas you can do even while waiting for your microwaved dinner to cook:

  1. Jog lightly in place. Increase the pace to a run.
  2. Stretch those warm muscles in every direction.
  3. Perform jumping jacks.
  4. Do as many squats as possible.
  5. Walk in place.
  6. Climb nearby stairs multiple times.
  7. Walk in place.
  8. Perform jumping jacks again.
  9. Run in place. Decrease the pace to a light jog.
  10. Stretch in every direction.
  11. Cool down by walking around.

Steps 1, 2, 10, and 11 should remain consistent. However, you can fill the heart of this to-go workout with whatever is convenient. Focus on your personal weak spots. Do isometrics. Alternate between intensities. Be creative!

Make Your Thoughts Count

Keep your mind in shape. Repel thoughts of year-end deadlines, visits with irritating family members, and unused lost vacation time. Tone your mindset. Gift yourself 10 daily minutes to breathe. (A gift for loved ones, too, who otherwise must deal with your harried self.)

brightness, picConjure up a sweet memory of the season. Truly focus on it. Gather the details into a mental scrapbook . This is the stuff of holiday spirit. Call upon this memory when you are dealing with grumpy Uncle Bob, waiting in line at the all-night grocery store, or lamenting tasks you have to leave undone in 2015. Make a collection of these memories in your mind. Be transformed by them into a positive force that shines brightly. The world is counting on you.

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